Making a Movie!

One thing we have all been busy with over this last year is the making of the children's film, The Solomon Bunch. Most of the members of the quartet had some part in the film. Craig Crumpton played one of the leading roles in the film, that of the villain (of course). Jason Prisk was the director and co-writer. Dennis Fanning was assistant director. Nathan Prisk's wife Sara was the film's producer, and Nathan himself is the Fine Arts Director at Creekside Christian Academy, the primary sponsor of the movie (Creekside Films). Joel Wood would have loved to be involved, but it unfortunately conflicted with his college football viewing schedule. He hopes to watch the movie soon. We have had a great response to the film, and children ages 4-12 really love it. If you would like to purchase copies for your children or grandchildren, please visit the website for info on how to order. You can also watch the trailer and purchase the book through the website. Thanks for supporting our efforts when you make a purchase.